Thursday, April 1, 2010

post semis Battle of the Books Leader Board

Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds are over. The Leader Board is updated! Five points are up for grabs tomorrow when the zombie title is announced. Eight points will be awarded to those who chose the winner.

Leader Board
1. Alys - 16 points
2. Jen Baker - 15
2. Steven - 15
4. maggie - 14
4. LaughingAlegra - 14
6. DaNae - 13
7. MelodyP - 12
7. Scope Notes - 12
7. March Madness - 12
10. Erin Broderick - 10
10. Chris Spitzel - 10
10. rpsmedia - 10
13. Selin Rahawk - 9
14. Sam - 8
15. Adam G - 7
16. Norman Bee - 7

I am so glad The Lost Conspiracy was able to survive three tough battles and reach the finals! Nine contestants correctly guessed Judge Megan Whalen Turner's decision. While I'm still bitter over When You Reach Me's early exit, I do agree with Judge Walter Dean Myer's choice of Marching for Freedom which I thought was the 3rd best book on the bottom half of the bracket (behind WYRM and Marcelo). I was really hoping to see "Mr. Walter Dean Myers" opinion on WYRM since like many of his own novels, NYC plays such an important role. For the record seven contestants had Marching to Freedom reaching the finals via Judge Myers' decision, yet no one picked Marching for Freedom as the champion book, and only 4 people picked Lost Conspiracy winning it all.

Tomorrow's zombie reveal should be interesting. I hope the interwebs didn't allow the entirety of the Percy Jackson fan base to find out about the voting and use their numbers to outweigh more informed voters' picks. The bracket challenge participants' most chosen zombie title was When You Reach Me with 12 picks. Four titles: Calpurnia Tate, Fire, Marcelo and Tales of Outer Suburbia were all chosen by 6 contestants.

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DaNae said...

So if Lost Conspiracy takes it all, I get a gazillion points right?